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UPDATE2018-01-29 Experience Orbitsound ONE P70W yourself

Yoga instructor Ms Kirin Wong came visit us at Fenwick Pier Fleet Arcade on 29th January to try the ONE P70W. Kirin's biggest hobby is singing and performing on stage. However, singers on stage often cannot hear what they are singing. Today, Kirin sang in front of the ONE P70W. 

Usually, singing in front a speaker is almost impossible because feedback will be generated due to the close distance between a microphone and a speaker. ONE P70W can avoid feedback because of its 160˚ wide angle coverage. Now, Kirin can finally listen to what she sings while performing on stage.

UPDATE2018-01-08 New Orbitsound products to be launched at CES 2018
Our partner Orbitsound is going to launch their new products, ONE P70W and DOCK E30, at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Not only Airsound™, but they are also Wi-Fi enabled. Using the Orbitsound App, you may connect to multiple speakers through Wi-Fi and control them all at once. This Wi-Fi enabled feature is very suitable for venues that need to use multiple speakers simultaneously. 
UPDATE2017-12-22 Cyberport Youth Music Exchange

On 9 December, Cyberport and CYAVS held the Youth Music Exchange event. CYAVS provided the audio equipment including the Pan Beam steering sound system and Orbitsound P70W. We invited talented teenage musicians to perform at Cyberport.

Cyberport is a popular venue for many business events. These events, however, had also caused noise problems for the tenants at Cyberport. To solve the problem, we had introduced the Pan Beam steering sound system to reduce the noise using its digitally steerable sound feature.

A musical event like this band show could cause more noise than usual. This time, we have brought in the PB 224 beam steering sound column to address the noise problem. The steerable sound feature allows us to control the distance and directions of a sound beam thus allows us to keep the noise to a minimum.

UPDATE2015-01-05 Tonnochy stage production at APA

Stage monitoring case study:

While not an installation project, I wanted to give you a little information on a sponsorship/case study we are doing at the moment with the Academy of Performing Arts here in Hong Kong.

We are currently working with one of the instructors at the APA to use Pan Beams in his case study about stage monitoring for stage productions. With the constantly moving and variations in set pieces and design during stage shows, the use of steerable technology could be very useful in a monitoring system if implemented correctly. At APA, we will be using 6 PB 08s in 2 large scale stage productions to see how steerable technology will be able to avert any set pieces on stage and deliver audio to the performers in any variation of the stage design. 

UPDATE2015-01-05 SCAD Hong Kong Campus

Mobile event system

The Savannah College of Art and Design have opened a Hong Kong campus and are housed in a converted Courthouse. They have purchased 2 PB 08s and the subwoofer to use as a portable system that will provide audio for events all around campus. They will use the 2 08s on stands with the subwoofer brought out whenever needed. This will allow for a true multi-purpose system, capable of handling any event in any location.

The ISF Academy has just installed 2 more PB 04s in their newly renovated student common room. As the common room will be surrounded by classrooms, their main focus was to limit the amount of sound bleeding into the classrooms. The room is also long but narrow so the PB 04s were able to get much better coverage over the entire length. 

UPDATE2015-01-05 Alumni Lounge of City University of Hong Kong

Project completion date: May 2014

We recently installed 4 PB 04s and a sub woofer in the alumni lounge lecture hall at the City University of Hong Kong. This hall is in their new building, meant for presentations and lectures from distinguished guests. The room has some intersting architecture, with a half the room with a very high ceiling, and a large glass window that covers an entire wall. This architecture makes it hard for regular speakers to perform with the clarity and balance that we were able to achieve with the PB 04s

UPDATE2015-01-05 Multi-Function Theatre of Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School

Project completion date: Sep 2013

At the PLK School, we installed 2 PB 08s and the sub woofer for their multi purpose theatre. They use this room for a multitude of events, ranging from stage shows and musical performances to assemblies and sports events. The seating is retractable so the main goal for this room was having the ability to keep even coverage and clarity in the audience zone regardless of how the room was arranged. 

UPDATE2015-01-05 Lecture Theatre of St. Joseph College

Project completion date: Sep 2013

The lecture theatre at St Josephs has 2 PB 04s installed. They use this room for music classes and lectures. They have a large glass window that spans the entire length of the room, causing some unwanted reflections. The room is also not fully level, as the there are step ups and raised floors around the room. The PB 04s allow us to ensure a balanced coverage in the room, while still avoiding unwanted reflections from the window. 

UPDATE2014-12-23 Teaching Lab. of Tung Wah College, King's Park Campus

Project completion date: May 2013

Installation photos:

At the Tung Wah College, we installed 7 PB 04s in their practical teaching lab. In this room, they wanted to be able to separate the room into many different zone variations. Each 04 would be in its own zone giving 7 separate areas with their own audio output, then one setting with the room in halves, each side with its own audio output, and then finally the entire room together as one audio output. The challenge in this room was keeping the audio in each zone isolated enough to not bleed into the next even without using walls or separators. With some careful tuning, we were able to achieve isolation within each zone without much bleeding into adjacent areas. The room now allows for 7 different zones within one large room, each with their own audio to allow for group exercises, while still having the versatility to accommodate any other variations.

UPDATE2014-12-05 Assembly Hall & Cafeteria of ISF Academy

Project completion date: Feb 2013

We did 2 different installs at the ISF Academy in Hong Kong. One was in the Assembly hall/Gym, and the other was in the cafateria. Both systems, we were able to replace a large number of speakers and equipment with just a pair of speakers. We also solved many issues with regards to reflections, clarity, and coverage balance.

In the hall, we used 2 PB 08s. We were able to cover the entire audience area with balanced coverage from front to back and could direct the sound away from the large glass windows at the rear end of the room.

In the cafeteria, we used 2 PB 04s to cover the entire room. The placement of the previous speakers had them facing glass, causing muffled sound and unbalanced coverage. We used 2 PB 04s to gain balanced coverage and clarity and managed to solve the problem. 

UPDATE2014-12-01 FutureGov Forum Hong Kong 2014
CY Audio Visual Solutions Limited sponsors FutureGov Forum Hong Kong 2014 the audio and visual equipments and services.

Date : 2-Dec-2014

Venue : Royal Plaza Hotel Hong Kong Innovation – Transformation – FutureCampus

FutureGov Forum Hong Kong has been enabling public sector transformation since 2009 –

bringing together change leaders from government, education, healthcare and the private sector for focused conversations on the future of citizen service delivery. Featuring three separate tracks on Innovation, Transformation and FutureCampus with a workshop on Security, FutureGov Forum Hong Kong is where Hong Kong’s civil servants will find answers to key questions, such as:

2014 FOCUS

FutureGov Forum Hong Kong features three separate streams focusing on the biggest challenges facing public sector organisations: INNOVATION – Developing creative ways to deliver improved, faster, measurable, cheaper and more accurate services.

TRANSFORMATION – Creating modern, high performing and sustainable public services.

FUTURE CAMPUS – Discover how you can better respond to the learning needs of this digital generation and groom them to build the future’s infocomm ecosystem.

CY Audio Visual Solutions Limited also wants to participate and contribute

in the development of the Hong Kong Sociaty in the future. http://events.futuregov.asia/events/futuregov-forum-hongkong-2014/sponsors/

UPDATE2014-04-07 JCI Queensway 30th Anniversary
JCI Queensway 30th Anniversary
UPDATE2014-03-15 Cyberport Event
We sponsored a Family Fun Fair day at Cyberport by supplying audio with our Pan Beam Steerable Speaker system. The Pan Beam speakers allow us to contain and direct sound to a specified audience area, perfect for outdoor events where noise pollution must be kept to a minimum.
UPDATE2014-03-03 Church Function Sponsorship

We sponsored a Church youth workshop with our Pan Beam steerable speaker system. Using only one pair of PB 04s, we were able to supply a large room with clear, balanced sound. The workshop included discussions, singing, and a band performance.

UPDATE2014-02-04 Christ College Pan Beam Music Event
UPDATE2013-12-27 FutureGov Forum Hong Kong

FutureGov Forum Hong Kong has been enabling public sector transformation since 2009 – bringing together change leaders from government, education, healthcare and the private sector for focused conversations on the future of citizen service delivery. Featuring three separate tracks on Transformation, Open Government, and Innovation, with workshops on Mobile Government Apps Development, and Location-Based Services.

In 2012 more than 100 senior public administrators and industry experts attended FutureGov Forum Hong Kong. Make sure you book your place now to be at the heart of the big conversations about the future of government in 2013.

FutureGov Forum Hong Kong features three separate streams focusing on the biggest challenges facing government:

  • TRANSFORMATION – Creating modern, high performing and sustainable public services.

  • OPEN GOVERNMENT – Identifying and implementing new approaches to service delivery by rethinking the nature of government structures.

  • INNOVATION – Developing creative ways to deliver improved, faster, measurable, cheaper and more accurate services.

Together with FutureGov magazine 2013 and we are FutureGov 2013 Audio and Visua sponsor.

For more information FutureGov 2013, please visit: http://www.futuregov.asia/events/futuregov-forum-hongkong-2013/sponsors/

CY Audio Visual Solutions Limited is leading the way in providing unique, innovative audio visual solutions for education, corporations, government departments and performance venues in Hong Kong, Macau and China. Our team listens with open ears to address each client’s unique and specific needs. We take organizations into the future with the best solutions available today.

For more information our company, please visit: www.cyavs.com

UPDATE2013-11-14 China + HK Openstack Conference

Sponsored the China + Hong Kong Openstack Conference at the Cyberport Shopping arcade, supplying audio with our Pan Beam speaker system. Our steerable speakers were ideal for holding a conference in a mall where the surrounding area had to be kept at a low volume level, while still being able to hear the speakers clearly. 

UPDATE2014-03-31 Country Club Outdoor Cinema

Pan Beams are ideal for outdoor events. And when the weather is fine, watching a movie in the open air is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. It’s easy to take the show outside with the Pan Beam system. With a built-in amp and simple cable connections, there’s less hassle in equipment set-up compared to a traditional system. This saves both time and requires less manpower. 

UPDATE2014-03-28 Glass Chapel Test
UPDATE2012-12-14 2012 L&T EXPO

Learning and Teaching Expo 2012 scene

Event Name: Learning and Teaching Expo 2012 
Date: 12-14 November 2012 
Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre 
Activities: The annual Learning and Teaching Expo at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This Expo is showcasing its schools and teaching-related companies and products exhibition. Schools and exhibition attracted media attention, many people involved in the exhibition.

UPDATE2013-06-27 Bright Angel Fund Charity Dinner

CY Audio Visual Solutions combined the V2 Video Conference with the Yamaha EC 200 Echo Cancellation device to transform the Bright Angel Fund Charity Dinner in 2010 into an interactive event. The entire event including live musical performances were broadcast live to a group in support of the charity in Beijing that had gathered to be a part of the evening. The Beijing participants enjoyed being a real part of the exciting and meaningful fund raiser.

UPDATE2013-04-25 Easy Events Service

With CY Audio Visual Solutions Easy Events Service, our V2 Flash Software paired with the Yamaha EC200 echo cancellation device will allow the event or conference to be broadcasted across the globe. While getting guest speakers, be it a relative or lecturer from other parts of the world involved all at the same time.

UPDATE2012-11-15 The Nokia Lumia 610 launch promotion

The Nokia Lumia 610 launch promotion was held successfully through the use of our V2 conferencing solution, this is the first LIVE promotional event on Facebook for Hong Kong. Participants were able to login and join or watch an action game LIVE whichever they chose. Co-hosted by local pop singer Kandy Wong and multimedia professional Chan Kwok Ming, the peak number of participants were as high as 48 gamers and watchers. The V2 was able to deliver seamless visual over the internet when such a high traffic demanding game was in action during the fabulous event.

UPDATE2012-01-02 DBS 140th Anniversary Dinner
CY Audio Visual Solutions combined the V2 Flash with the Yamaha EC 200 echo cancellation device to make the Diocesan Boys' School 140th  Anniversary Dinner an event to remember. Overseas Old Boys who could not make it back to Hong Kong were able to watch the whole event in real time and were invited to interact with the audience. The participants were scattered across the globe from Sydney, to London, to New York and San Francisco. Despite the time zone differences everyone was excited to offer their support and congratulatory remarks to all in attendance.
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