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CONEQ™ - The simple, fast and reliable solution to correct the linear distortions of loudspeakers

CONEQ is a unique loudspeaker-correction system based on assessing and correcting the acoustic power response of a loudspeaker across the listening area to improve its performance and accuracy. The measurement is performed by moving the microphone across the coverage area of the loudspeaker (as shown in the diagram below) and gathering up to 300 measurement points in less than two minutes, with the measurement software called CONEQ™ Workshop. A CONEQ correction filter is produced as the result. The calculated correction filter can be implemented by uploading it to the dedicated hardware units (APEQ-2pro, APEQ- 2pro DIO or APEQ-8pro DIO) or using software plug-ins (CONEQ P2pro or CONEQ P8pro).

CONEQ determines the Acoustic Power Frequency Response (APFR) rather than the simple sound pressure level response, which differentiates it from any other measurement and equalization technology, and adjust it so that the speaker generates the correct power spectrum across the listening area, making every loudspeaker sound better - clear, natural and without attenuation, as if the original sound source were relocated at the loudspeaker, i.e. a violin recording will sound like a violinist playing.

Typical applications: recording studios, fixed sound installations, post production facilities, and commercial sound applications

  • CONEQ P2pro Plug-in
  • CONEQ P8pro Plug-in
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