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The Pan Beam offers an all-in-one self-powered DSP-controlled solution in nearly every architecturally demanding sound installation.

The important benefit of Pan Beam is the ability to focus the audio output to where it should go: the audience. This will avoid the acoustic issues of reverberation and greatly enhance the sound intelligibility. A single Pan Beam PB08-CY speaker, for instance, is capable of covering an audience area of up to 25 m, giving a constant sound pressure and clarity over the complete distance.

Pan Beam provides the ideal solution for easy and unobtrusive implementation in even the most architecturally sensitive environment – such as churches, museums, railway stations, conference facilities, lecture halls, shopping malls, A/V presentation rooms, and fill or delay systems in a larger installation.

Summary of the advantages of Pan Beam:
-Elimination of reverberation
-Even coverage throughout the audience area
-Color matching and weatherproof options
-Portable and inconspicuous

  • PB 04-CY
  • PB 08-CY
  • Ultimate TS-70B (for PB04-CY)
  • Horizontal Rotation Wall Mount
  • PanCon Converter
  • K&M 21435 Speaker Stand
  • The subwoofer PB-S 208
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