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Collab8 is an example of disruptive collaboration technology that plugs into and converts any display, located anywhere in the organization, into an instant meeting point for pure collaboration, independent of device incompatibility, hardware availability, and connectivity constraints. The immediacy of collaboration spurs idea-generation and innovation on a scale that shifts people from passive recipients in a monolog of data, to active participants in a dialog of information. Collab8 can convert any projector or screen into a networked appliance that then enables participants attending the meeting to connect to that shared display using their current devices, whether they are desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets and mobile phones. Every connection to the shared display can be wireless, and independent of adapters, cables, wires and compatibility peripherals. Each participant is able to immediately view, edit, annotate, comment, and share content with every other participant. If the screen is touch enabled, such as SHARP Interactive Whiteboard, the host of the meeting can operate Collab8 on the screen conveniently by means of finger or Touch Pen without the need of keyboard/mouse. If every space in an organization with a screen became a fully-functional meeting point for the exchange of ideas, the result would be unprecedented levels of collaboration, which would in turn burgeon innovation across the organization.

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