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Welcome with any kind of business opportunities in various AV Project Partnership to achieve the WIN WIN WIN situation.

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Our Solutions - Audio


Pan Beam Active Digital Steerable Column Loudspeaker provides solution for almost any acoustically demanding venues such as shopping malls, houses of worship and lecture halls, etc. The key benefit is the ability to focus the audio output directly to the audience to avoid any reflective surfaces. This resolves the reverberation issue and therefore greatly enhances the sound intelligibility. Pan Beam can also distribute sound evenly over the audience area, so listeners close to the audio source without it being too loud and those further away can hear just as clearly and comfortably.

For those outdoor areas such as amphitheaters, stadiums and playgrounds, etc., Pan Beam loudspeaker can significantly reduce the noise nuisance to the nearby residents because the audio output can be controlled directly to the audience.


Our Solutions - Video


Collab8 is an one box solution for wireless presentation and collaboration which cannot be achieved by traditional presentation facilities.  It allows presenter to share the screen of his/her device, whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone, of whatever platform without the hassle of cable connection. Up to a maximum of 12 screens can be shared at the same time. The presenter can annotate directly on the main display through a touch enabled device or call up a virtual whiteboard anytime during the presentation to facilitate teaching and training.  It also encourages people working together as a team because the participants can annotate, edit or highlight, etc. on a common shared document through their own keyboard and mouse.

If you want to communicate with overseas branches or customers/partners in foreign countries, V2 is a cost effective software based video conference solution for multi-point communication. With V2, many unnecessary travelling can be eliminated, saving time and transportation cost.  
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